What is the difference between diamond grinding wheel and resin grinding wheel

2019-07-27 168

The so-called resin is a kind of resin binding agent, which makes the grinding wheel very high in strength, certain elasticity, and low heat resistance, so it cannot be used in some professions.

The diamond wheel is extremely tough, not at all elastic, and has excellent heat resistance, but it is made in a messy way, with a long process cycle.

Therefore, there is a big difference between the two kinds of grinding wheels in the profession. Diamond grinding wheel is widely used in concrete cutting work, while resin grinding wheel is very suitable for the grinding of some metal products.

Emery wheel

Someone else may have heard of resin bond diamond grinding wheel, it is through the resin combination with diamond of a grinding wheel, its main is mixed together, such mixed incision can add cut on the time of its intensity, and in some of the data of cut and polished, can be useful to manipulate cut effect and so on, the more suitable for some metal grinding and cutting.

Diamond grinding wheel includes metal bond grinding wheel, ceramic bond grinding wheel, resin bond grinding wheel, electroplating bond grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel is also called super hard grinding wheel.

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